24th September 2022 – Bradley Wood Scout Campsite.  Open to Beavers and Squirrels. A spooky trail through the woods, to celebrate Ghost Hunting day. Solve the clues to find the Ghost. Beavers / Squirrels come for either a morning or afternoon in their colonies to undertake some central spooky activities and then complete the trail … Read more

Beaver Space Activity Badge

Beaver Space Activity Badge Our no name Beaver has been into space to gain his Beaver Scout Space Activity Badge.  If you would like to complete your Space Activity Badge follow the link below to see our space resources to find out how to do it. When you have completed your badge requirements, send your … Read more

Beaver Gardening Badge

Beaver Gardening Badge Whilst we’re all scouting virtually, we’ve put together some resources to help Beavers earn their badges. The attached booklet is a resource for the Gardening badge. DOWNLOAD THE BOOKLET HERE