Local Training Managers

The Local Training Manager plans and ensures the delivery of the learning provision in their District so that all adults in Scouting completing a Personal Learning Plan have access to suitable learning opportunities using a variety of methods. They act as Line Manager for Training Advisors and Local Training Administrators in their District. They ensure that people involved in the learning provision are suitably qualified (have attained or are working towards the relevant role specific Modules). They make Wood Badge recommendations within their responsibility and they provide training opportunities locally.

DistrictTraining ManagerContact
Aire ValleyDenene Capperltm_av@wyscouts.org.uk
Bradford NorthPhil Lowdeltm_nbfd@wyscouts.org.uk
Bradford SouthJosie Taylorltm_sbfd@wyscouts.org.uk
BrighouseChris Jayltm_brig@wyscouts.org.uk
HalifaxContact DC or Howard Fishwicktraining@wyscouts.org.uk
Heavy WoollenKaren & Martin Holmesltm_hw@wyscouts.org.uk
Holme ValleyBev Oldfieldltm_hse@wyscouts.org.uk
Huddersfield NorthChristine Stephensonltm_hn@wyscouts.org.uk
Huddersfield South EastBev Oldfieldltm_hse@wyscouts.org.uk
Huddersfield South WestChristina Smithltm_hsw@wyscouts.org.uk
KeighleyRebecca Tillotsonltm_keighley@wyscouts.org.uk
Pennine CalderPhilip Crossleyltm_pc@wyscouts.org.uk
Spen ValleyRichard Oldfieldltm_sv@wyscouts.org.uk
WharfedaleContact DC or Howard Fishwicktraining@wyscouts.org.uk