Spotlight Awards

This is a new award scheme for anyone in West Yorkshire Scouts

We are looking for young people, sixes, patrols, groups or leaders who have achieved something special!  We are looking for an achievement which is worthy of a celebration.

As Scouts we aim to be the best that we possibly can be so we are looking for people who have achieved something very special in one of the following areas.

GROWTH – Being the best we can be means that our friends want to join us, new leaders may want to join too because they like the things we do and want to have the same fun that we have! Have you done something to encourage more people to join Scouts?

INCLUSION – We want to include everyone in Scouting even if that means they may look different, talk differently or have a different belief or religion. What have you done to show we are inclusive?

YOUTH SHAPED – We want young people to lead from the front and for them to help and plan activities themselves, to help their leaders make the programme interesting and fun. Have you been involved in planning or had group forum’s or do you know someone who has?

COMMUNITY IMPACT – We play an important part in our community in the area that we both go to school in and the area we live in, have you been involved in a community project or do you know someone who has been ?

SUSTAINABILITY – We play an important part in our community in the area that we both go to school in and the area we live in, have you been involved in a community project or do you know someone who has been ?  We all want the world to be a better and kinder place to live, how can we make this happen, what have you done to show we look after and love our world.

We need your help by letting us know who deserves a Spotlight award for all the good work that they have done.

Poster can be found here  and information pack can be found here

How to Nominate :

Anyone can nominate a person, section or group they feel deserves a ‘Spotlight’ shining on them in the categories outlined. However you can also nominate people in other ways too.

• It could be a story you have written to describe what the person has done and why you think they deserve an award.

• It could be a poem or Limerick
• It could include photos or pictures as well
• You may even decide to make a short video on your smart phone to support your nomination.

It is entirely up to you how you submit a nomination, however you must tell us some essential information for example the person’s name, section, group and what category you are nominating them under and why you are nominating them. Parents/Carers are allowed to help you with the nomination if help is needed.

The person or group (six, or Patrol), section or group that you have nominated will automatically be awarded with a certificate and a ‘Spotlight’ badge for receiving a nomination and they will have an opportunity to win a larger prize for them and their group.

And good news by nominating someone you will be put into a draw to receive a prize too as its very important that we recognise the good work done by our friends.

After I have completed my nomination how do I submit it?

Nominations can be submitted online by emailing it to or alternatively you can post your nomination to:

Spotlight Awards
Growth and Development
Bradley Wood Campsite and Activity Centre. Shepherds Thorn Lane
West Yorkshire

Example Nomination

We know that sometimes its difficult to think of an example of a nomination so we have put an example below of a nomination that may be received.

(Remember this is an example only and there are lots of different things you can tell us about)

Jack is a Beaver Scout from Bradford, he is part of 112th Bradford and is aged seven. The nomination is under the category for Community Impact. Jack had an idea to clear all the litter from the playground area near school because it was unsightly and made the area look untidy. Jack designed posters for his street and posted them in peoples letter boxes with the help of his mum and dad, he also recruited his friends to help one Saturday morning with this task of litter picking. Jack’s mum and dad supervised it and in two hours they filled 6 bags of rubbish. The story was reported in the T&A. Attached is a copy of Jack’s poster and the before and after pictures of the Playground and the link to the article in the T&A.

You can submit as many nominations as you wish.

If you have any further questions regarding Spotlight Awards please contact and we will be able to offer further support