Getting Started All roles

Before you begin your volunteer journey with Scouts you will need to undertake some training to get you started in volunteering.  This training should be completed within 5 months of your appointment.

Getting Started is made up of four modules, which need to be completed before you can be fully appointed. Getting Started needs to be completed within five months of receiving your provisional appointment and is part of the appointments process for your role. You will need to complete three modules as part of Getting Started.

If for some reason you are unable to complete Getting Started within the five-month timescale, your line manager will review the situation with you. Your District or County Commissioner, together with the Appointments Advisory Committee, will then decide whether to extend your provisional appointment for another five months. A provisional appointment can only be extended once

Module 1 Getting Started (essential Information)

Module 2 – Personal Learning Plan

Module 3 – Tools for the Role – Section Leaders

Module 4 – Tools for the Role – Manager and Supporters

GDPR – E-Learning

Safeguarding E-learning

Safety E-Learning