Mobile Display Unit

The County has a Mobile Display Unit (MDU) which can be borrowed by Scout Groups and Districts within the County of West Yorkshire to publicise Scouting at local events.

There is no charge to groups in West Yorkshire for using the MDU, however borrowers must be insured for both transporting the vehicle to the event and for damages occurred as a result of using the MDU.

Whilst on a public road the MDU must be insured under the borrowers insurance policy. In addition the towing vehicle must be capable of towing 1500kgs but not exceed (together MDU and passengers) 3500kgs. When in the borrowers possession and parked up the MDU must be secured at all times with the 2 wheel locks and lockable hitch over the towing hitch to comply with the insurance policy.

If the MDU is kept over night it needs to be in locked secured storage.

The MDU comes equipped with the following standard and optional equipment. Optional equipment must be ordered at the time of booking.


  • Overhead Projector & Screen – (you need to supply your own laptop)
  • A small supply of promotional leaflets
  • A PVC 3m by 3m banner advertising scouting in West Yorkshire
  • A wheel clamp and Towing locks (these must be used when the vehicle is not in transit)
  • Powerlead to external power supply
  • Full Public Address System
  • Charging point for mobile devices
  • DVD Player
  • LED TV Screen

Optional (Please indicate on the form  below)

  • Wii & Watersports game

On booking the MDU you must agree to our terms and conditions.  There is a minimum lead time of 30 days for all bookings.  It is the borrowers responsibility to collect and return the MDU to Bradley Wood within the booking dates agreed.

The MDU may be borrowed by Groups outside West Yorkshire in exceptional circumstances but only upon receipt of verification of membership from the relevant County Commissioner. There may also be a damages deposit levied for groups outside West Yorkshire.  Priority will always be given to West Yorkshire Scout Groups.


Terms and Conditions
Setting up the Speakers | Using the Sound Mixer | Using the DVD Player
Using the Projector | Using the TV | Using the Wii



How do I book the MDU ?

Bookings for the MDU need to be made using the form below. Once this is received you will be contacted to confirm if your application is successful.

Once your booking is confirmed you must sign and send in the terms and conditions to in good time before you use the MDU.

    Please note all questions are required to be filled in

    Name of Requestor

    Your District

    Reason for Use

    Surface to be used on Hard StandingGrass

    Storage location if kept overnight

    Date to be collected

    Time to be collected

    Date Returned

    Time to be returned

    Optional equipment requested ? Wii and Watersports Game

    Any further details and/or requirements

    Some information about you so we can contact you back

    Your Name

    Your email

    Your Group

    Your District

    Please tick this box to indicate you have read, understood and agree to the booking conditions