‘More in Common’ #Great Get Together badge

West Yorkshire Scouts are pleased to announce the launch of the ‘More In Common’ ⌗Great Get Together badge in support of the Jo Cox foundation. Jo Cox was Scout President for Heavy Woollen District Scouts and since her death Scouting has continued her passion to make the Scouting adventure available to more communities.

Scout Groups from across the County have already been involved in Jo Cox ‘Great Get Together’ events, designed to bring communities together. During 2019 support has grown across Scouting nationally for the Great Get Together events and in the words of Bear -“People of all ages and backgrounds will be doing exactly what the name suggests – getting together to enjoy each others company and focus on what we all have in common. It’s an idea that describes what the Scouts is all about”

Below are PDF documents that will provide you with everything you need to run the badge with your sections, group and district. There are many ways to earn your badge and the pack provides ideas, a certificate, posters and invites. All you might require extra is some red gingham bunting and table clothes. For further information and more ideas go to www.greatgettogether.org.

Please share pictures of your events using ⌗greatgettogether or ⌗moreincommon on twitter, instagram or facebook. On facebook tag @jocoxmoreincommon.

The badge can be worn as an occasional badge above your world membership badge and is currently available at the Heavy Woollen District Scout shop or through dc@hwdscouts.org.uk.

Download PDF’s