WY Scouts ‘Protect the Planet’ Award

Welcome to the West Yorkshire Scouts ‘Protect the Planet’ Award, the WYS Programme resource for 2024.

Hopefully, this resource  will help you engage your young people in active ways to look after their planet and empower them to feel like that can make a difference in what can be a scary issue.

The award is split into 6 key areas:

• Out and About

• Wild About Wildlife

• Water Wise

• One World, One Planet

• Food For Thought

• Recycle and Reuse


To complete the award, your section will need to complete one activity from any four areas. You will find lots of suggestions for each area over the next few pages. We have tried to include activities that will appeal to all age groups but how your section may engage with them may be different depending on the age and skills of your young people.

Apply for your badges by filling in this simple form . Once we have received your application, badges will be awarded to your section. We can’t wait to see all the exciting things you get up to!


At the bottom of each page, we have made suggestions of badges that you may link this part of the award to. As well as these, the general work towards the Protect the Planet Award contributes to the badges below.

Download the resource pack here