Message from our County Commissioner

Message from our County Commissioner :

Hi All,

I hope you are all ok and looking forward to Virtual Big Camp both today and tomorrow.

In a different world, we’d have been waking up at the Yorkshire Showground this morning (to the delights of camp cooking, lost neckerchiefs, abandoned tentage, early morning arrivals and the general “hum” of a West Yorkshire morning). Most importantly, we’d have been together.

However, with a little technology and much creativity our Scouting family have once again risen to the challenge to create the opportunity to share time together. Led by Toby, Emily, Beth, Megan, Katie and Sam our Scouting family will be swamping the air waves this weekend, so please do all you can to support them as they bring our Scouting family together and lead us home over the next couple of days. I look forward to seeing the Facebook images of your creative campsites, flags, camp gadgets, tea-time exploits and most importantly, the smiling faces of our young people (and adult volunteers too !).

This weekend is also a very special time as we welcome Ian Womersley as our new County Commissioner here in West Yorkshire. As we all know, Ian is very much part of our Scouting family, hugely respected and unswervingly committed. Over many years, Ian has done much to create opportunities for young people here in our County. I have no doubt Ian will continue to take our Scouting family forward and with your undoubted help, will keep our County colours proud unfurled and flying high.

Like myself, Chris, Jeanette, Neil, Robert, Roger (and those who have gone before), Ian is no doubt going to learn just how inspirational, talented, committed and thoughtful our Scouting family can be – I know a much valued journey lies ahead for Ian. It goes without saying, I wish Ian much happiness and every success as he takes on the stewardship of our Scouting family here in West Yorkshire.

And finally, and most importantly, there are simply not enough words in the English Language (or any other language) to express a “thank you” for all the support, guidance and encouragement given over the last ten years. In particular, the nudgers, winkers, helping hands, thoughtful actions, many kindnesses and much valued friendships that have made that personal journey possible. So many people to thank in so many ways. So, “thank you”.

Have a great weekend and enjoy what we do best – being together, having fun and sharing time in friendship. After all, we may be at home, but we’re still together.

Wherever your own Scouting journey takes you, I wish you continued success and, of course, much fun and laughter along the way.

Take Care – Mark