Race Across Yorkshire

Event Info

Who: Teams of 4-5 Explorer Scouts (Limited to 20 teams)

What: Based on the BBC TV Show Race across the world, Explorers will be challenged to race to a set location via public Transport, where they will camp overnight and race back. Teams will be asked to visit locations on route and given bonus points for meeting challenges.

Where: The teams will be travelling across Yorkshire together to a check point then the Saturday sleeping location. Sunday morning the groups will race to a checkpoint then the finish.

Cost? The cost of the event is £35 per person. This cost includes 2x nights camping, 2x suppers, 2x breakfast, 1x Saturday Evening meal, Sunday packed lunch, Sunday finish event and transport tickets.

When: The event will begin on Saturday morning, but the teams are required to arrive at Bradley woods on Friday 24th June between 6-8 pm. Each team will be registered and given a location to camp and provided supper. On Saturday the teams will set off and arrive at their Saturday sleeping location sometime in the afternoon of the 25th. Sunday morning the event will finish around 4pm in a Huddersfield location with a BBQ and Celebration

How:  Register your team following the link on https://forms.gle/dWnjV7GMngLWaeFi9


  1. Each member must wear a Scout Necker throughout the event
  2. Each team must have the following kit:
    • Small first aid kit
    • Tent/Tents
    • Pencil & note paper
    • Digital camera or mobile phone to make video diary
    • Sun cream suitable for all members to stay protected
  3. Each explorer must have the following kit with them:
    • Waterproof Jacket and trousers
    • Warm jumper
    • Walking shoes or similar
    • Sleeping bag
    • Torch with batteries
    • Eating utensils & mug
    • Saturday packed lunch
    • Full water bottle capacity 1 litre

(You may bring more i.e., wash bag, sleep wear & sleep mat but you will be carrying this all day so pack light)

  1. Each team must register together
  2. Each team must camp under Scouting guidelines i.e., same sex sleeping accommodation only
  3. Each team must have at least 2 phones with Zenly downloaded, this will allow us to track the teams throughout the day.
  4. Each team must make a video diary of at least their day one travels this will be used as part of the challenge so be creative.
  5. Meals are provided as stated above but you may like to bring along snacks
  6. All competitors must always adhere to the countryside code and public rights of way.
  7. You are representing Scouting so each team must behaviour appropriately

TRACKING: Teams will be tracked throughout the event using the app Zenly, this is a free app to download but does require a small amount of data usage throughout the day. Each team will link with the control on the app on the Friday evening and Control will remove all explorers from the app at the end of the event. Please remember that the phones used may need charging on the Saturday evening, so a portable power bank is advisable.

Closing date for teams is 27th May 2020