Snowman Challenge

 – A fun challenge to get your young people out and about


Hamish the snowman’s adventures

Participants are encouraged to create their own version of ‘Hamish’.


Hamish loves doing lots of things

Participants are asked to photograph Hamish in 10 different scenarios eg.



  • Somewhere cold
  • Somewhere high
  • Somewhere wet
  • Somewhere dark
  • Somewhere sparkly
  • Somewhere hot
  • Somewhere frightening
  • Somewhere exciting
  • Somewhere loud
  • Somewhere quiet


Once they have managed to get their 10 pictures, they can put them into a Hamish Scrapbook and submit it in January for prizes.

Extra points can be earned by completing Hamish’s Advent Calendar challenges:   These appear each day through December on Facebook.

Anyone who submits a completed scrapbook gets a prize.   There are also prizes for the highest number of points and the best scrap books.