Stay At Home Badge

Exciting news …. West Yorkshire Scouts present the ‘Stay at Home badge’ We know you have all been working hard throughout ‘Lockdown’ and during the time when there has been no ‘Face to Face’ Scouting… So have you earned your badge yet ??

Beaver Space Activity Badge

Beaver Space Activity Badge Our no name Beaver has been into space to gain his Beaver Scout Space Activity Badge.  If you would like to complete your Space Activity Badge follow the link below to see our space resources to find out how to do it. When you have completed your badge requirements, send your … Read more

Cub Entertainer Badge

During this time away from Cubs, why not create some entertainment for you and your family.  You can do some of these activities on your own or with members of your family. Download the info here

Key Worker Colouring Poster

Colouring Posters Why not show your THANKS to all our key workers, who are keeping us safe.  Colour in the posters and place them in your windows to show everyone you care.  You can colour the scarf’s in your own Group colours if you wish. DOWNLOAD THE POSTER HERE      

Beaver Gardening Badge

Beaver Gardening Badge Whilst we’re all scouting virtually, we’ve put together some resources to help Beavers earn their badges. The attached booklet is a resource for the Gardening badge. DOWNLOAD THE BOOKLET HERE      

Norway in a Nutshell

Norway in Nutshell As part of the Norway Explorer Belt, the participants have devised a Norway Programme resource for groups and sections to use to gain a better understanding of Norway as a country. The programme resource can be downloaded here Supporting Materials can be downloaded here Once completed participants can purchase a badge (£1.50) … Read more

Sustainable Development Goals

What are the Sustainable Development Goals? The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of global priorities for ensuring that economic, environmental, social and cultural wellbeing is achieved for everyone around the world. They are ambitious goals for governments across the world to achieve, but there is a lot we can do at Scouts and at … Read more